7 offbeat things to do in Goa in Monsoon

With the pre monsoon lashing on almost every state of India making the unbearable summers a lot pleasant but humid as well, with no festivals in sight to take that extra leave around weekend and hills being already crammed with the summer vacation folks – We all are craving for a holiday. A quick look and August (despite a bit far) looks like promising month for an awesome holiday with so many festivals and weekends which can be clubbed together. But Goa in Monsoon – would it be offbeat or boring?

There is much more to Goa than just beaches and there is even more in Monsoon. The beach certainly looses it charm, the shacks close down, the discotheque and pubs wear an eerie look. Tourists generally do not prefer planning a trip to Goa in Monsoon. However I am going to give you – the real travelers who hate crowds, 7 reasons why you must and what is up for grabs. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, solo traveler, or a photographer you are going to be in heaven. I went there 2 years back and had the most amazing time ever (i have been in summer and winter but trust me Goa in monsoon is stunning).

1) White water rafting

When the rain gods show up in Goa and the rivers start swelling up, head over to Valpoi on the banks of Mhadei river in North Goa, approximately 50 km from Panjim. After a small training session by experts, spend an hour cascading through the river waters trying to catch a glimpse of wildlife along the border of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Level of difficulty: Easy – Grade I-II Rapids
Distance Covered: 10 kms

Rafting in Goa

2) Visit the ancient monuments

Goa is dotted with several Portuguese forts that are a testimony to the glorious past of India. Most of these forts are in good condition and are worth a visit. Although Chapora is the most famous one thanks to Bollywood movies shot there and offers a good trek and views, the lesser known ones like Ries Magos, Terekhol, Corjeum fort and Cabo de Rama are good to visit as well.

Reis Magod fort in Goa

3) Drive on the highway without a worry in the world

Goa has amazing scenery along roads. Take any road out of town and enjoy the drizzle of rain on your face. Get mesmerized with small water falls, lush green trees and the aroma of nature.

Highway in western ghats

4) Shower in the waterfalls

You will find small waterfalls on the highway. Take a quick shower in the cold water. For big waterfalls head over to the touristy Dushsagar falls or the lesser know Harvalem. Harvalem situated near Bicholim town is an hour drive away from Panjim. You may visit the Harvalem caves nearby.

Waterfalls around goa

5) Visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondala Wildlife Sanctuary is a mini zoo situated 38 kms from Margao. It has a deer park in natural habitat, botanical and rose gardens to entertain people. It is certainly a quite and peaceful getaway to enjoy some wildlife.
Bondla wildlife sanctuary

6) Learn about the turtle conservation

Galgibaga, in South Goa, is a Turtle conservation site where Olive Ridley turtles lay eggs. The species number is going down thanks to tourism, so the Goa Forest Department runs a conservation program by fencing specific areas on beach. Though the egg laying period is between October and March, you can visit their enclosure and the staff over there can give you all the information about Olive Ridley and show you pictures or videos of the turtles during their time of birth.

Turtle conservation

7)Visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are mostly unexplored and are open throughout the year, unlike their counterparts in the country when you have to wait for monsoon to be over to click those elusive birds. Salim Ali bird sanctuary, a small one with an area of 1.8 sq. km.  is home to a staggering variety of local as well migratory birds. Thick mangrove vegetation blankets the landscape of the island which consists of not only birds but insects, crabs and variety of trees.

How to reach: Take a ferry from Panaji upto Ribandar. From there take a ferry via Mandovi river to Chorao island.

Happy Birding!

Salim ali wildlife sanctuary

Tips for Sustainable Trip:

  • Do not throw plastic waste in waterfalls, highway, river and dispose in dustbins. Panaji is the Earth Care Award 2015 winner for sustainable waste management. Let us be responsible tourists and maintain that status.
  • Do not play loud music while in national park, as it disturbs the balance of the ecosystem. A bird may not be able to hear its mate’s calls thanks to you playing a Justin Bieber or Honey Singh number!
  • Do not wear perfume/deodorant while visiting national parks/wildlife sanctuaries.

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25 thoughts on “7 offbeat things to do in Goa in Monsoon

  1. These are totally an unseen places of Goa. I have never heard about the white water rafting in Goa. An amazing informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve never been to Goa but it seems to be a great place for outdoor or nature lovers like me. Very informative post. It reminds me of my trip to Thailand during monsoon. It rained non stop and most activities had to stop. Doing white water rafting would be the best activity for this kind of weather!

  3. Oh wow there’s so much to do in Goa beside beaches. It looks lovely. I didn’t even know about the turtle conservation!

  4. Wow! So Goa has much more going for itself than being a beach destination. I haven’t been there yet but so hoped to one day. Love to do the rafting, that looks so exciting 🙂

  5. I love that there are so many other options for visiting! I would love to do a road trip and go searching for waterfalls. I’ve never been white water rafting and didn’t realize that was an option!

  6. Well, it sounds like there is still a lot to do, given the Monsoon season. That monument visiting would be something I would do, but I have to say, road trip sounds like so much fun, with such a greenery along the way, lovely! 🙂

  7. There are so many spots and things to do in Goa, that i wonder where i would start off from when i visit there. You have just increased the ‘to do list’. These are really some offbeat things to do in Goa away from the crowded places. 🙂

  8. Lovely post. I have been to Goa many times but i have never heard about many of these things. I will make sure to check them out the next time i visit. I absolutely love white water rafting.I enjoyed reading your post and love your pictures too.

  9. I wasn’t aware there were rafting opportunities in Goa. And, to be honest, I never thought perfume is a bad idea when you visit national parks. That;s a good reminder 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing this offbeat places to visit in Goa 🙂 I personally would love to try the white water rafting. And, those waterfalls looks totally inviting!

  11. Many people already recommend me Goa as a next desination! Ive heard so much about this place that I am gonna have to book my flight soon 🙂 I love this waterfalls! Seems like is so much to do over there!

  12. Oh looks like a lot of fun. I’d be tempted to shower under the waterfall. One of those funny things that I love doing!

  13. Great things to do – whitewater rafting at Mhadei river , Valpoi can spot wildlife with the ride hopefully. Visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and take a drive on the road and enjoy the scenes of green lush trees… lovely

  14. Showering in the waterfalls is surely the thing I would like to do. It reminded me on our road trip in West Sumatera, Indonesia. I was in 3rd grade and my K cousin threw up in the car so we had to stop. We parked the car on the side of the street and walked further inside. We found a river with big rocks and ended up swimming for at least an hour. It was really fun and I still remember it until today!

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