About Me

Thank you for stopping by my blog – Explore with Ecokats

Hi, I’m Ketki and I’m from India. I’ve been writing about and documenting my sustainable travels for over a year now. I’ve so far visited 20 states in India and 11 countries along the way.

Why the name?

I get this is a lot so I thought I should put it up here. When I started my twitter account in 2007, I was asked for a handle when I had no clue what it meant and why was I required to give it since I already had a name. In a jiffy, I wrote ‘kats’, as I was fondly called by my friends. It was ofcourse not available so I just added ‘eco’ because I was studying environmental ecosystems that day in university. And that’s how ‘Ecokats’ was born and stayed across all social media handles since then because well obviously I loved it, duh but for 2 more reasons:

1) It had my name, though not the real (yaay, helps a lot at times) and

2) I am an environmentalist and hence this term totally goes with the way I travel and I write

Explore with Ecokats was started not only to document my own journeys but to inspire readers to travel sustainably and become responsible and ethical travelers. My stories and listicles are mainly on wildlife sanctuaries or national parks and even to regular touristy places with a sustainable dash to it.

How and when did travel bug bit me?

In my growing years I always saw my father traveling for work within India, almost 20 days in a month and I thought it was so cool to catch flights to a new destination, try new food and shop cool stuff. The experience stayed with me but I hated the pressure he had to handle in his job. With him being away most days, he yearned to be home whenever he could and we hardly traveled in when i was little.

I started traveling with my friends only during university days and later on for work. The travel lust grew and I started craving for ethical tours or things which would not harm the environment. I thought the same must be shared with others.

My current full time job as environmentalist in an NGO takes me across the lengths and breadths of country and has given me the opportunity to explore foreign lands.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places sustainably and together we can make this planet more livable.

Work with me

I began my blog in February 2017. Through my posts, I provide my readers with realistic experiences of places and trips. I love trying new things, and my purpose is to inspire others to travel sustainably and ethically.

Partnership Opportunities include:

  • Freelance writing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored content on hotels, activities, tours, restaurants, and services
  • Destination Guides

For collaborations or questions regarding a destination featured here, write to me! Don’t find what you are looking at? Let’s discuss over email explorewithecokats@gmail.com

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