Island camping at Beyt Dwarka

Island camping is a relatively new kind of tourism and its knowledge is limited to school tours and wildlife enthusiasts. However, island camping offers one of the best opportunities to learn about marine life closely and live in camps away from the city. With sunset and sunrise views to die for, island camping near Beyt Dwarka in Gujarat offers unparalleled beach views. If you are considering sustainable camping around the beach, Beyt Dwarka has to be the first choice hands down.

I visited the Beyt Dwarka camps years ago but I wanted to write about the experience so that people are aware of it and consider experiencing island camping like never before. A weekend is ideal to spend here. Know about more weekend destinations from Ahmedabad here.

We took an overnight train from Ahmedabad to Okha on a cold December night. From the station, an auto ride away we reached the Okha jetty to ride a boat towards Beyt Dwarka. Once on the boat, our boat driver offered us biscuits – not for us but to feed sea gulls. Well, sea gulls are supposed to feed for themselves and their diet is fish. As bizarre as we felt this was, he himself fed the gulls by tossing the biscuits and the gulls caught them mid air!

Sea gulls as island camping

Upon reaching the island campsite, we settled in the tents overlooking the sea. After freshening up and a heavy brunch later ,we visited the algal beds.

Tents at island camping

Beyt Dwarka has recorded over a hundred species of algae – Red algae predominate with about 50 species, brown algae about 30 species and another 30 species of green algae.

Algal beds at island camping

We spotted a range of marine life like jelly fish, sea feathers, sea anemones, corals, molluscs, crabs, olive ridley turtles, starfish, sea cucumbers, octopus, etc.

Crab at island campingCoral at island camping

Island campingAlgae at island camping

After a lot of exploration, we got back to our camps, tired when this view welcomed us! P.S: It is from behind my tent.

Campsite view at island camping

Some discussion about the day’s exploration over dinner ended our day. With no electricity in the camp, we called it a day quite early and peacefully slept overlooking the stars and listening to the sea waves to catch the early sunrise.

Day 2:

Was dedicated for an hour long boat ride to try and catch a glimpse of dolphins. To our bad luck we did not spot any but nevertheless the views were amazing.

Views from island camping

After some more exploration around the camps to spot migratory birds and marine animals, it was time to leave by late evening to catch a train back.

Some more details about the campsite:

The island camping was designed in such a way as to have fun and learn most basic survival training. We had to wash our own dishes, share toilets and eat basic food. There was no electricity or mobile network, which was such a boon. Drinking water was precious as it was procured from mainland Okha and was for drinking purpose only. All other things had to be done with sea water.

Though the camp through which I went is no longer functioning, you may go Island Camping in Beyt Dwarka with Sundarvan.

Sustainable tips:

  • It is best not to use single use or disposable plastic. If you did get something in it, take it back with you. There are no dustbins or dumping grounds there.
  • Do not feed the sea gulls with biscuits!
  • Don’t dispose anything in the sea or on the beach.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes or hand sanitizers while going in the sea water. You have no idea what those chemicals do to marine life.

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Island #camping at Beyt Dwarka, India

12 thoughts on “Island camping at Beyt Dwarka

  1. Sounds so nice, didn’t even know about this kind of camping.
    Beyt Dwarka really looks pristine. Love the fact that there are over a hundred species of algae recorded at the place. And it does sound great to stay here in accordance to all that nature around, right! Such an interesting and sustainable way to explore the island. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe all of the sea life that you saw and got close enough to photograph! Usually I get really blurry pictures because I get too excited and don’t pay attention to what I’m doing.

  3. This is a good idea, to get close to nature and secluded from the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns. I enjoy camping in short doses and will be doing some myself in Scotland, this year. Good post. Ian @ Resfeber.

  4. I went to Beyt Dwarka twice and loved the whole sailing and the beauty of Arabian Sea. But i missed to spot the lovely sea life and I got another reason to visit Beyt Dwarka. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Ooh this sounds quite fascinating. I had no idea Gujarat had sites such as these. Definitely need to add it to my list when I’m in Indian next.

  6. The sky view in your first photo is beautiful. It looks like you had a nce opportunity to get up close to marine life. I’ve never heard of this as a tourist activity in India and it’s very cool that you are depicting unique experiences.

  7. I’m not really a camper, but with views like that, I could maybe be convinced! I hadn’t heard of this kind of tourism before- great info in this post!

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