Ticking all the sustainability boxes: Amari Residences, Bangkok

Hotels are looked upon as one of the biggest contributors for pollution by utilizing immense energy and  water as well as generating a lot of waste. But sustainability is creeping in to the hospitality sector – for all good reasons! Amari Residences, are the luxury serviced residences in Bangkok with the aim to care for the environment. For those who think luxury and sustainability cannot go hand in hand, you have to take lessons from Amari!
Amari Residences is located on Sukhumvit Soi 2/4, besides the vibrant and newly emerging party destination – New Petchburi road. It is a 7 minutes taxi ride away from Phloenchit BTS station which in turn is connected with Suvarnabhumi airport, shopping areas and temples of Bangkok. It is also adjacent to Bangkok Hospital.
A Sneak Peek into Amari Residence’s One bedroom Suite Apartment
Amari offers different categories of apartments, catering to various requirements and taste. The property features 129 serviced apartments which include studios, one bedroom suites and two bedroom suites, each with city views of downtown Bangkok. The property includes luxurious amenities including a fully equipped fitness gym, spa, library and an infinity swimming pool. There is also a restaurant, in room dining and cafe facilities at the property.
Sustainability at Amari residences
The residences have furnished bedrooms, kitchenette, attached bath and living room.
Sustainability at amari residences


Modern, stylish and sustainable apartments

All the apartments are tastefully designed and are ideal for any kind of traveler – family, couple, leisure, business and even medical. Each room has its own air con, which means you can use it only when you are in that room. There are signages which motivate travelers to use the bed linen and towels for more than once (just like one does at home).
Sustainability at amari residences
Fully equipped kitchenette
Every thing you probably need in a service apartment is included – refrigerator, hot plate, utensils, microwave, coffee maker, etc. Being a sustainable property, all utensils and water bottles are of glass. Bottles are sent back to the manufacturer where they are cleaned and refilled with potable water (like old times for cola bottles).
Sustainability at amari residences
Sustainability at amari residences
Dining Options
Soma Restaurant offers breakfast and meal options with variety of international cuisines. Cafe Buttercup offers pastries, home-made ice cream and coffee during the day. I only had time to try the breakfast which had many varieties of fruits, vegetarian options as well as meat options.
Sustainability and eco-consciousness initiatives
The entire Amari group, takes sustainability seriously. Amari Residences has 1 Green leaf certificate while it’s parent hotel – Amari Watergate has 4 Green leaf certificate. These certificates are based on 11 criteria such as policy and standards of environmental practice, waste management, efficient use of water and energy, purchasing, in-door air quality, air pollution, noise pollution, quality of water storage and management of fuel, gas, and toxic waste,  impact on eco-system and cooperation with community & local organizations. Both properties are trying their level best to reach and receive the next level of certification.
Sustainability at amari residences
Some other sustainable initiatives at Amari Residences are
  1. Staff training for energy-saving strategies
  2. Celebration of Earth hour and World Environment day wherein Amari staff takes up social responsibility in nearby villages for waste management. Tourists can also get involved in these intiatives.
  3. Use of locally produced and seasonal food items
  4. Use of eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients across all utilities
  5. Donation of leftover food
  6. Maintenance and use of in house herb garden for food preparation
  7. Segregation of waste and recycling
  8. The rooms are designed in such a way that there is maximum natural light which in turn will save energy usage.
  9. A big garden in the center of property with water fountain keeps the open areas in the middle of the property cool, thus reducing air con usage.
  10. Usage of large refillable soap and shampoo bottles
Sustainability at amari residences
Sustainability at amari residences

According to Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) data, Thailand generates 4.4 billion PET drinking water bottles per year. As per my discussion with the Manager at Amari Residences, the management is trying their level best so as not to add to the environment load from their property. They also plan to phase out plastic straws with reusable ones in coming future.

I was completely blown over by the efforts of Amari Residences and Amari Watergate for sustainability. Stay with them and contribute a small footprint to the environment.

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Amari Residences, Bangkok
Address: 36 Soi Soonvijai, New Petchburi Road Bangkapi, Huay Kwang Bangkok 10310
Contact no.: +66 2308 5900
Instagram: @amariresidencesbkk
Twitter: @ARB_BKK
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Disclosure – I was a guest at Amari Residences, Bangkok. All opinions in this post are unbiased and of my own.
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38 thoughts on “Ticking all the sustainability boxes: Amari Residences, Bangkok

    1. Absolutely Suman, we do. Even a small step towards going green is important. I hope Indian hotels take this up seriously and soon. And thank you so much 😊

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to base yourself for a few days in Bangkok! And I appreciate that it sounds like this hotel really IS sustainable – it drives me nuts when hotels say they’re “green” but then they really aren’t!

  2. What a lovely place the Amari Residences looks like. It’s so good to hear about places like this that also focus on things like donating left over food, biodegradable ingredients and using local options. More places need to do this.

  3. Yay! It is always good to hear when hotels make such an effort not to mess up the environment around them!

    It’s also awesome that they use seasonal food (it’s tastier and cheaper, so they are probably saving money on that) and great to hear that they also donate leftover food. 😀

    Now, if only people could bring their own toothbrushes so that plastic could be saved to!!

    1. I know right! I mean who doesn’t have their own toothbrush at brush? And how difficult is it to carry the same in your bag? Tourists carry them when they live in a hostel then why not a luxury hotel?

  4. This looks so beautiful and of course luxurious, looks like everything you could ever want, and sustainability of course makes it more attractive

  5. This looks live a great place to stay for travelers visiting Bangkok. I am always looking for way to lower my impact on the environment, and I really appreciate the opportunity to stay at a hotel that does as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What an awesome idea, I’m so glad to come across this! I loved Bangkok when I visited, and knowing you can stay somewhere that makes such a positive effort to incite change and conscientiousness is really worth supporting. Looks like a great place to stay!

  7. It’s so funny that i considered staying at Amari when I went to Bangkok in Feb. Good to know that they are doing great things for the environment. Thanks for sharing!

  8. this looks one of the best place at Bangkok and it is supporting ‘Green’ initiative.Glad to hear about all the efforts by the staff there.We need such initiatives in India too

  9. Its great to know that hotels are moving forward and owning this idea of sustainbility. This is such a lovely apartment, I hope people will start to accept such initivatives to save the planet.

  10. I love that this is a sustainable hotel and that you get a whole apartment! It’s always so nice to have an entire place while traveling because it makes you feel less like your traveling and more relaxed. The fact that it’s sustainable is a huge plus too!

  11. This is so inspiring to read of an accommodation like this. Amari sounds like an excellent choice in Bangkok, and I love all the eco initiatives they’re doing. Donating leftover food is a really important one!

  12. It’s so great that they use glass instead of plastic and donate leftover food. I try to find sustainable places wherever I travel, so Amari Residences are going on my list for when we visit Bangkok.

  13. I admire the hotel’s concept of going green which is very appropriate this day and age. And their rooms and amenities are pretty impressive too, I must say. I am planning to visit Bangkok early next year, I will definitely keep this in mind.

  14. That is impressive and nice to see a company so concerned with sustainability! The room also looks great and sounds like it is well-equipped. What a great place to stay in Bangkok!

  15. Awesome! As I live half of my time in Thailand I’m always struggling to grasp the extent of the environmental issues and the ignorance to the obvious problem. I’m very happy that finally some hotels are starting to take action. Educating their staff should be a top priority as Thais don’t often receive education on these issues. If only this place was pet-friendly, I could try it out with my Thai mix dog.

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